Day Camp Update

Posted on the forms page you will find the Day Camp Handbook with the required forms inside, Health forms (just A and B are needed), and Individual account voucher forms for those that wish to use popcorn money to pay for camp. 

If there is anyone interested in leader or walking Den leaders positions please fill out the appropriate section of the form.  Keep in mind that all leaders will need to complete the required camp training and walking den leaders will also need Youth Protection Training.  YPT can be done at home on the My Scouting web site.  

For those scouts that will be Bears at the time of camp, Adult partners please fill out the Whittling Chip Card permission slip if you agree to the terms stated.  

Payments can be collected at this time if you are able, or later, but must be made by April 24.

Please have these forms filled out and ready to turn in at the March 20 Pack meeting.  As always any questions please feel free to contact your den leaders or myself at or feel free to text me at 417-459-2340.