Where Is Pack 9?

Pack 9 is chartered to Redeemer Lutheran Church in Springfield, Missouri. Most of our "all-pack" activities occur at the church, including pack meetings and derbies - including the famous Pinewood Derby.

Our pack resides in the Pathfinder District of the Ozark Trails Council. (There is another Pack 9 from the Na-Ka-Ga-Ha District).

Who Are Your Scouts?

We have over 60 boys registered with our Pack. They primarily come from the following schools:

Not all of our scouts come from those schools. We do have boys from other schools who have chosen to join our Pack because they want to be in Scouting with their friends or relatives.

When Can My Son Join?

Cub Scouting is open to all boys in the first through fifth grades. Boys going into first grade can join the Pack as a Tiger Cub and can join the Pack for most summertime activities prior to the start of first grade. The exceptions to this are the council sponsored camps, which have limitations on what Tigers can do.

Boys who join in the summer can earn the Summertime Activity Award for the rank they're working towards. So boys going into first grade can earn the Tiger Summertime Activity Award if they participate in summer activities with the Pack.

Boys can start during any age-appropriate year. So if your son wasn't interested in Scouting when he was in first grade, he can still join our pack during second, third, fourth or fifth grades! We'll do what we can to help your son earn as many ranks and achievements as possible during his time in our pack.

How Much Does It Cost?

Be sure to keep reading to find out how your son can pay his annual recharter and membership renewal by selling popcorn!

New Registration as a Cub Scout: $1.25/month for each month remaining in the membership year

All new scouts pay registration fees to become members of the BSA. This fee is $15/year, or $1.25 per month. The BSA Membership year runs from February through January. So new scouts pay only for the months remaining in the current membership year.

For example, many new scouts join at the beginning of the school year in September. Their fee is $6.25, which is $1.25 per month for the five months remaining in the membership year - September through January. This money is collected when the new membership application is completed.

Recharter and Membership Renewal: $40.00 paid each December for the membership year starting the following February.

Every year, the Pack has to renew our charter with the BSA, and we have to inform them of all our existing members at that time. We currently collect $40 per scout during our recharter process. This money is collected in December so that we can prepare our recharter paperwork and turn it in in early January. The money collected is used to pay the $15 membership renewal fee and to cover various costs associated with boys being involved in the troop, including the purchase of badges and awards, and the costs associated with ceremonies and events.

Even boys who became scouts in September pay for renewal in December, because their initial registration payment only carries them through the end of January. However, a new scout joining in December or January would need to pay both the $1.25/month initial registration fee for the current membership year, and the $36 renewal fee for the next membership year.

Financial Assistance:

Financial assistance for families is available. It is determined on a case-by-case basis and there is paperwork we have to submit to the local council for review. Please use the "Contact Us" link to the left to inquire further.


Should a scout move to a new Pack or transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, his membership remains valid. He'll need to complete a new application noting that he is transfering between groups. But he doesn't have to pay the $1.25/month registration fee.

For insurance and liability reasons, the BSA requires all boys participating in Pack activities to be registered members of the BSA.